Hwange Local Board is concerned about the ever-increasing number of livestock (cattle, goats and sheep) roaming around suburbs.
These stray animals are not only disturbing the peace of residents, but menacingly destroying vegetable gardens at a number of households.
The animals are also posing danger to both motorists and pedestrians.
To this end, Council wishes to advise livestock owners to effectively control the movement of their animals and guard against them encroaching into residential areas.
Failure to, which they risk being penalised for contravening Council’s keeping of animals, reptile and birds by-laws.
Council is also concerned at the increase of repeat offenders and would like to take this opportunity to warn these individuals that they risk facing more punitive measures.
The local authority continues to face the strain of keeping impounded animals before they are claimed by their owners.
Various initiatives are currently being explored to come up with more deterrent measures to curb uncontrolled movement of animals within residential areas.
No person shall be permitted to let his/her animals wander or feed in the Council area without the written consent of Council.
Council shall retain the right and power for the seizure of animals which are found trespassing or straying and:-
(a) The sale, destruction or other disposal of such animals if they are not claimed within two weeks.
(b) The destruction of such animals if they are so diseased that they are prejudicial to the health or safety of human beings or other animals.
1. Any person or owner whose animals have been impounded shall be liable to the following fines which Council might change from time to time.
Cattle $280.00/Head/Day
Goats/Sheep $280.00/Head/Day
Donkeys $280.00/Head/Day