Environmental Management

This committee is responsible for environmental matters relating to the Council. The committee chairperson is Cllr G Nyoni and the vice chairperson is Cllr Z Mukombiwa.

Its terms of reference are:

  • provision of technical and infrastructural services;
  • water supply, treatment and reticulation;
  • sewer reticulation and its safe disposal;
  • roads construction and maintenance of Council buildings;
  • transport planning and traffic control;
  • provision of Fire Brigade services;
  • management of Council workshops and maintenance of Council vehicle fleet, plant/ equipment/machinery;
  • provision of town planning services including special consent;
  • providing building inspectorate and development control services;
  • management of street and toilet cleaning;
  • enforcement of food and water quality control;
  • control of environmental hazards;
  • pest control.