This committee regulates the financial affairs of the Council in accordance with the standing orders and by-laws of the Council. The committee chairperson is Cllr F Chirwa and the vice chairperson is Cllr A Mumpande. The committee members are Cllr L Ncube, Cllr A V Sibanda, and Cllr G Nyoni.

It is terms of reference are:

  • Control revenue generation and collection;
  • Control and authorization of expenditure;
  • Prepare estimates of revenue and expenditure;
  • Supplementary estimates where necessary;
  • Acquisition and alienation of municipal property;
  • Income generating activities;
  • Control of leasing activities and other Council properties;
  • Control of municipal assets;
  • Authorization of capital expenditure;
  • Review audit reports,
  • All matters other than those specified in other committees;
  • Investment strategies and other income generating programmes;
  • Control of municipal stores.