Health and Housing

This committee is responsible for health and housing matters relating to the Council. The committee chairperson is Cllr L Ncube and the vice chairperson is Cllr S Chisose.The committee members are Cllr A Mumpande, Cllr T Sibanda, Cllr F Chirwa, Cllr T Mutara, Cllr A V Sibanda, Cllr Z Mukombiwa, Cllr W Maposa, Cllr C Nyoni and Cllr G Nyoni.

Its terms of reference are:

Health Matters

  • prevention, curative and promotion of health services in line with primary care;
  • formulation of health legislation and monitoring of its implementation;
  • waste management, including refuse collection and disposal;
  • public health surveys and research;
  • advising on occupational health and safety.

Housing Delivery Services

  • Administration of Housing Estate;
  • Education and provision of primary schools infrastructure and may provide secondary education physical structures;
  • Recommendation of Council bursaries;
  • Parks, gardens, leisure and open spaces as well as cemeteries.

Welfare Activities

  • market stalls
  • crèches/nurseries
  • libraries
  • swimming baths
  • cinemas
  • community halls
  • urban agriculture
  • liquor undertaking administration
  • recreation and stadia
  • public transport and control
  • use of civic center hall (Town Hall)